How to make your City more liveable and climate friendly? The Smart Cities Information System can help you, by sharing knowledge and stories from Smart Cities projects worth replicating

Ask, Learn & Share
The purpose of this session is to present the services that the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) can offer. SCIS is a knowledge platform to exchange KPIs, experience and know-how and to collaborate on the creation of smart cities, providing a high quality of life for its citizens in a clean, energy efficient and climate friendly urban environment. Launched with support from the European Commission, SCIS encompasses data, experience and stories collected from completed, ongoing and future projects focusing on energy, mobility & transport and ICT. 

Listen to the Smart City and upscale its lessons
Through storytelling, SCIS portrays the journey of cities becoming smarter and shares knowledge on what did or did not work according to their experiences. This is meant to inspire replication of smart technologies, methodologies, concepts, processes etc.

This session will share with you examples of stories, monitoring data and other experiences from specific cities and projects. Starting from these individual examples, it will be shown how SCIS aggregates this valuable information in a Knowledge Management System that can be sourced by a wide audience of cities, project developers, research institutions, industry, experts and citizens for replication across Europe.