ICTFOOTPRINT.eu: Green ICT – in practice - ICTFOOTPRINT.eu

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu raises awareness on metrics, methodologies and best practices in measuring the energy and environmental efficiency of the ICT-sector, in order to facilitate their broad deployment and uptake.
ICT accounts for 8-10% of the EU’s electricity consumption and could save EUR 600 billion thanks to energy efficiency in 2020 by decreasing just 15% of its emissions.
The central goal of ICTFOOTPRINT.eu is therefore to help organisations, namely ICT-intensive SMEs, ICT Service Providers and public administrators in calculating their carbon footprint in an easy way, to decrease the environmental impact and to improve businesses' competitiveness.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu stand will explain what Green ICT is all about and showcase practical tools, new opportunities and best practices on sustainable energy in ICT sector. Plus, participants will get practical information about suppliers with sustainable ICT services that help them decreasing their energy consumption in ICT.

ICTFOOTPRINT.eu will demonstrate lively how organisations can calculate their ICT carbon footprint with SAT-O (https://ictfootprint.eu/en/services/self-assessment-tool-organisations), a quick and easy to use toll for those without a strong expertise in ICT.

The stand will also provide all relevant information regarding energy efficiency in ICT and how attendees can get relevant energy savings thanks to green ICT, with just simple actions.