The impact of the electrification of bus fleets on the electricity system

Road transport accounts for approx. 20% of Europe's CO2 emissions.   Accelerating the market uptake of low- and zero-emission vehicles is therefore a key European policy priority in order to achieve EU's climate reduction targets. In addition, air pollution from road transport has become a major issue in many cities. Therefore, cities play a crucial role in setting the right framework for the decarbonisation of road transport and many cities – for example under the Covenant of Mayors - have committed in their Sustainable Energy Action Plans to take actions in that respect.  

While the public debate is focused on electrification of passenger cars, following recent announcements of OEMs, public transport is actually a real frontrunner in this low-emission mobility transition. An increasing number of cities and regions have announced to stop purchasing conventionally fuelled buses past 2020; many are setting targets for full electrification of bus fleets by 2030. Policies at national and European level, including the revision of the Clean Vehicles Directive, are complementing this trend.   

This session focuses on sharing best practices on the integration of electrified bus fleets into the electricity system. Particular challenges relate to recharging infrastructure deployment (depot charging, opportunity charging) and managing the impact on local electricity grids. Collaboration of transport operators and local distribution operators under a clear planning frame is important. The session showcases in real life examples how cities, transport operators and DSOs can work together to ensure that the electrification of bus fleets becomes a success and that it does not pose problems to the local grid.  




Anna Colucci, Head of Unit, European Commission, DG ENERGY




Regulatory Background

Axel Volkery, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG MOVE

Kai Tullius, Policy Officer, European Commission, DG ENERGY

The city perspective

  • ·Jan Jurkowski, Head of the electromobility team, Public Transport Authority Warsaw (ZTM)

The transport operator's perspective: "RATP's bus2025 programme : the ambitious energy transition to electric and biogas buses"

  • Felix von Pechmann, Head of the Electric Bus  Programme, RATP

The grid operator's perspective: "challenges of electrification of bus fleets on TSO & DSO grids"

  • ·Alex Michels, Head of Asset Management, Creos Luxembourg S.A.



Panel Discussion/ Questions and Answers

Moderator: Julia Hildermeier, Clean Vehicles and E-Mobility Officer, Transport and Environment


Clean Vehicles and E-Mobility Officer
Head of Asset Management / Regulation /E-Mobility
Creos Luxembourg S.A.
Head of the Electric Bus Programme
Head of Unit
European Commission, DG Energy
Policy Officer
European Commission, DG MOVE
Policy Officer
Euroepan Commission, DG ENER
Head of the electromobility team
Transport Authority of the capital city of Warsaw