Innovation for a clean energy transition

The main purpose of the event is to highlight the pathways towards the clean energy transition, the possible challenges that could be encountered as well as potential solutions to overcome them. According to a recent report published on tracking clean energy progress (IEA, 2017), only three out of 26 technologies were classified as green, indicating that it is on track towards a sustainable energy transition. This raises the alarm that global efforts are not aligned to reach the energy goal (Sustainable Development Goal 7) of the 2030 Agenda, as well the objective of the Paris Agreement.

Potential solutions to bridge the gap include innovative low carbon technologies seen through Industry 4.0. These technologies include solar, geothermal and wind, digitized mini-grids as well practices in energy management. This event is part of a bigger process, as results from the Vienna Energy Forum 2018 Special Session will be discussed, along with efforts to continue this conversation post-event. This is envisioned to be carried out with representatives in policy, the private sector and academia, who also represent the target audience of the event.The content of the proposed event aims to provide solutions via innovative low carbon technologies as well as energy savings practices which will result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions that can help combat climate change and air pollution. These solutions also help meet the targets of the EU 2020 Energy strategy. 


Senior Programme Management Expert
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Head of Global Public and Government Affairs
AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals
RED Heat-to-Power project coordinator, Senior Project Manager
WIP Renewable Energies, RED Heat to Power
Climate Change and Energy Director
Confederation of European Paper Industries
Climate Change Expert
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
European Parliament