Innovative technologies and regulatory schemes accelerating islands’ decarbonisation

The event will engage island representatives and stakeholders, the electricity industry and DG ENER in a fruitful discussion around the potential of EU islands to emerge as ideal test-beds for cutting-edge technologies and innovative policy solutions in key infrastructures (mainly energy but also transport, water, waste), resulting in deep decarbonisation pathways that offer high quality of life to island communities.

Taking into account islands’ varying conditions in terms of market status (bundled/unbundled), investment environment and connection to the main grid - and the challenges that come with it particularly for the electricity industry - different regulatory frameworks in the focus island areas (Greek, Balearic islands and Outermost regions) will be examined, barriers identified and solutions put forward that can help sustainable energy projects get off the ground. The role of cohesion policy will also be examined in helping island regions champion the energy transition.

The event will provide valuable insights to the work of the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative, recently established by the European Commission and 14 Members States with islands. In this regard, the need for the Initiative to adopt a diversified approach when pursuing decarbonisation in EU islands, one that echoes local specificities, will be stressed.