Interreg Med Renewable Energy Community - Think Tank Hot Spot

The main objective of the community is to support innovative planning and governance tools, encouraging local level and bottom-up strategies to achieve a low carbon economy, according to the long-term EU strategy for a prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy. Interreg MED is a European Transnational Cooperation Programme that gathers 13 European countries from the northern shore of the Mediterranean region. In the current programmation, Interreg MED organises its architecture differently with respect to the previous periods and set up horizontal projects, which animate thematic communities of projects and help ensure the capitalisation of their results. The main transversal result of the Interreg MED Renewable Energy community is the new concept of “Ecosystemic Transition Units”. It is an innovative approach in planning Energy Transition and climate change resilience for Islands and rural areas, with an holistic vision. It consists of a disruptive energy model, based on fiscal policies and diversified renewable energy production, scaling and storage scenarios for the economical and environmental optimization of local, clean energy sources, representing activities and results of the projects of the MED RES Community. As a community of projects, we would aim to present this roadmap (Ecosystemic Transition Units), prepared by the six projects of the Interreg MED Renewable Energy Community, including active contributions from more than 110 institutions within 57 regions in 10 EU Member states and 3 neighboring countries.  Our strategy to present the projects results and attract visitors to our stand will be based on interactivity and gaming:

- Diffusion of short and emotional videos allowing visitors to understand the difficulties and barriers of the implementation of the energy transition in territories as islands and rural areas and the different solutions, tools and methodologies elaborated by the INTERREG projects to overcome the problems.

-Board game “Craft your microgrid!”: The objective of the game is to learn about microgrid management maintaining energy balance through an adequate distribution of energy uses according to daytime, nighttime and continuous consumption. Players can choose to play in a touristic island, rural village or urban neighborhood and will count the energy balance as currency.

-Quiz on “Energy Strategy”: online learning tool as a quiz where users may choose strategies to promote RES in local level.