Investing in energy efficiency: lessons from technology investors

There is tremendous interest in sustainability circles on energy efficiency and innovation, but insufficient insight into how prior energy venture capital cycles (late 90s, mid 2000s) played out, nor how those lessons would apply to us in Europe now.  

We'll take a look at the following themes:

History: How did energy efficiency technology investing cycle over time? (Silicon Valley from the mid 1990s the the mid 2000s as a case study)

Case study: A European-US energy efficiency technology provider: from Series A, rapid growth, IPO, market turbulence, and eventual acquisition

Due diligence: What are the approaches for energy efficiency tech investment decisions? How does this apply to the panorama of energy efficiency or smart device startups in Europe?

A Clean Planet for All: How can this be applied to the energy efficiency  innovation in Europe, so that social benefits from investing can be maximized, under the “Clean Planet for All” rubric? 

In summary - we will try  provide some rigor to the topic of innovation cycles, focusing on energy efficiency technology.


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