Investment in clean energy solutions in times of COVID-19 and beyond


The knowledge gap between (i) researchers, innovators, and start-ups, and (ii) pre-seed, seed and venture investors makes it difficult for both sides to engage in and support the clean energy transition and to raise and deploy capital. The objective of the session is to raise mutual awareness between innovators and investors and bridge this knowledge gap.

Concept and Focus:

A pandemic has never before shut down an economy. The social and economic impact of COVID-19 is likely to be profound, and will change how we innovate, shop, travel and work.

Business as usual no longer exists. The first priority of innovation owners (after family) is keeping things going. However, the next question is what investors will do.  

Even during more normal times, two barriers have been identified: (i) innovation owners find it difficult to convincingly present their innovative energy solutions to investors; (ii) despite the availability of considerable private capital, investors are reluctant to support the energy transition and to invest in energy solutions.

Dedicated coaching, a variety of pitching events and promotion activities by the Commission, its Agencies and the European Institute for Innovation and Technology have already improved the situation. Financial guarantees from the European Investment Bank via the “Energy Demonstration Projects (EDP)”, for example, reduce the financial risks and bring private investors on board.

This session addresses the enabling pillar of the EC’s new recovery instrument, called Next Generation EU presented on 27 May 2020 by President Ursula von der LEYEN and brings together institutional investors, business angels, start-ups/innovation owners, and representatives from the European Institutions and from private and public banks. The statements and moderated discussion aim at presenting existing and new funding and financial instruments and overcoming the information asymmetry between innovation owners and investors; they are intended to demonstrate how private investment can be secured particularly in a post- COVID-19 Europe.

The session will involve the following target groups: start-ups, researchers, innovation owners, entrepreneurs, project managers, early stage and venture investors policy makers and citizen representatives.

It is vital that those who develop and deploy clean energy solutions know what is requested to access grants and capital, and to generate welfare and a sustainable and clean future.


Deputy Director-General in DG Research and Innovation
European Commission
Ludwig KARG
Managing Director
B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH
EIT InnoEnergy
Head of Unit D.1 Clean Energy Transition, DG Research and Innovation
European Commission
Head of Unit for Financial Instruments
DG Research and Innovation - European Commission
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Federal Ministry of Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Tech-nology, Republic of Austria
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Responsable sectoriel transition énergétique
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