Joint Programming Platforms driving clean energy innovation

ERA-Nets are transnational networks of national funders that work together to advance quicker with clean energy innovation. ERA-Net initiatives have proven that involving and linking partners from governments, industry and academia in transnational cooperative funding actions is a key to accelerate clean energy innovation. These networks could be developed thanks to support from the EC since FP6. Now, the event will focus on the future role of Joint Programming Platforms (JPP) in implementing the European Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan. Over the last years, the JPP on Smart Energy Systems (SES) and Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe have started to manage multiple ERA-Nets under one umbrella. Following an impact network approach, they combine funded projects with associated partners from local businesses, additional financers and potential technology buyers. Can these approaches be considered as role model for the future?

The EUSEW event was initiated by the EC and is organised by JPP ERA-Net SES in cooperation with OCEANERA-NET COFUND and SOLAR-ERA.NET. Speakers from these networks, industry associations, policy makers, and funding agencies will partake.

As a participant, you will benefit from discussions on:

  • How will national funding programs and Horizon Europe cooperate in order to speed up energy transition, contributing to SET-Plan and Energy Union goals?
  • How will they effectively and efficiently link Technology and Innovation Platforms and RDI on EU and SET-Plan level with programs and activities on member state level?
  • How can new JPPs reuse structures built up by existing JPPs and ERA-Nets?
  • What is needed from stakeholders on national and EU level?
  • How to cooperate with research programs beyond Europe? 
  • How to get from ERA-Nets to Horizon Europe Partnerships? 

ERA-Net SES provides substantial contribution to turn SET-Plan Action 4 „Increase the resilience and security of the energy system" into action. SOLAR-ERA.NET addresses the first two SET-Plan key actions, namely performant renewable technologies integrated in the system and reducing costs of technologies. Members have been actively involved in the definition of the Implementation Plan for Photovoltaics. OCEANERA-NET COFUND contributes to SET-Plan Action 1 ("to sustain technological leadership by developing highly performant renewable technologies and their integration in the EU's energy system") and Action 2 ("to reduce the cost of key technologies") as well as the Ocean Energy Implementation Plan.


Head of Unit for “New energy technologies and innovation”
DG Energy – European Commission
Programme manager Swedish Energy Agency, ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems Co-Chair
Swedish Energy Agency, ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems
Specialist in Energy at Scottish Enterprise, OCEANERA-NET Coordinator
Scottish Enterprise, OCEANERA-NET
Project Management Jülich (PtJ), Head of Photovoltaics and member of coordination core group of the SOLAR-ERA.NET
Project Management Jülich at Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
CEO, Knowledge Community Manager
B.A.U.M. Consult, Joint Programming Platform for Smart Energy Systems
Vice Chair of ETIP SNET Governing Board and Chair of NSCG
Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria (bmvit); ETIP SNET
Head of unit, Sustainable Power, Research and Innovation Department at Swedish Energy Agency
Swedish Energy Agency
Director T&D Technologies Dept. at RSE S.p.A , Coordinator of EERA JP on Smart Grids, Co-Lead Mission Innovation IC1 Smart Grids
Head of Department “Intelligent Transport and Distribution Grids”
Projektträger Jülich (PtJ) [Funding Agency]
Chairman of HEDNO S.A., Chairman of ETIP SNET
Senior Adviser
Nordic Energy Research
Smart Grid Spanish Technology Platform (FUTURED) Steering Committee, chair of the Smart City Spanish Technology Interplatform (GICI) and co-chair of the NSCG ETIP SNET, Asset Control Center development at UFD (Naturgy group)
Grupo Naturgy, Futured
Managing Director at Flux50
CEO CLIC Innovation Ltd
CLIC Innovation Ltd
Project Manager
Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation