Knowledge smorgasbord for renewable energy solutions in urban areas

The two completed IEE projects, LEAP and SPECIAL, and the two current H2020 projects, URBAN LEARNING and FosterREG, are all concerned with the integration of sustainable energy in urban areas with other professional disciplines, such as spatial planning, as well as vertical and horizontal integration at different governance levels. The projects have involved peer-to-peer working, stakeholder groups, community groups, professional organisations, politicians and other networks, and identified ways to break down some of the barriers between all these different interests to enable cooperative and integrated working. We hope to share our experiences and future ambitions with the EUSEW audience. The four projects will present on multi-disciplinary learning and the integration of spatial planning and other professions to improve urban regeneration for sustainable energy uptake. Multi-governance models, case studies, training materials, expert papers, methodologies and innovative governance will be presented to stimulate creative thinking in local authorities across Europe. This joint session targets local authorities to better understand the need for integration to meet challenging carbon reduction targets.