Leadership in renewables: how will European technologies take us there

The session will provide an overview on where renewable energy technologies stand in their path to full cost competitiveness to fossil fuels and on how European technologies are positioned in the global markets.

The event will aim at showcasing the outputs of successful projects from key renewable energy sectors that received EU funding and clearly advanced state of the art technologies in Europe.

The invited speakers, representing European and international consortia, will present:

  • how they have leveraged the EU support to develop lower technology cost and more efficient solutions,
  • how they could demonstrate successfully the robustness of their innovations, and
  • how they have succeeded in introducing some of these projects in the market.

Moreover, the session will offer the opportunity to discuss what more could the EU do to support development, facilitate demonstration and early adoption of leading European technologies into the global markets.


Introduction and moderation by Mr Piotr Tulej, DG RTD Head of Unit G3, Renewable Energy Sources


  • Mr Massimo Luchini, ENEL, DESCRAMBLE Project
  • Dr. Ing. David Chiaramonti, Professor of Bioenergy Conversion Technologies and Processes, University of Florence, BIO4A Project
  • Dr. Maider Machado, Researcher TECNALIA, PVSites Project
  • Dr. Peter Eecen,

    Programme Development Manager at TNO, ECN part of TNO, Wind Energy

  • Prof. Dietrich Schwarz, FLUIDGLASS Project


University of Florence
Project Manager
Solar Energy Group in Tecnalia Research & Innovation
University of Liechtenstein
Programme Development Manager
ECN part of TNO, Wind Energy
Head of Unit – Renewable Energy Sources
DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Geothermal Innovation Unit
Enel Green Power SpA