LIFE clean energy transition: boosting a new LIFE after the crisis

EUSEW 2020 | Day 2 | LIFE clean energy transition: boosting a new LIFE after the crisis

The session will illustrate how the EU funding for the new LIFE Clean Energy Transition (LIFE CET) sub-programme will support the green recovery in Europe. The session will give detailed information to stakeholders on the objectives and scope of the LIFE CET and illustrate through project examples the activities that will be supported. 

The LIFE Clean Energy Transition sub-programme is about enabling a green recovery by acting on the following transition drivers in the EU territories: policy and regulatory driver, business and professional drivers, financing, investments and socio-cultural determinants.

Therefore, the Clean Energy Transition sub-programme will structure its actions around the following five intervention areas: 

1. Building the energy transition framework in Member States, regions and cities/local communities 
2. Accelerating technology roll-out, digitalisation, new services and business models
3. Unlocking flows of financing
4. Supporting local and regional investments
5. Engaging and protecting consumers / citizens

The project examples presented are:

RenoBooster - aims to create an attractive One-Stop-Shop service for the Viennese private home owners and their building managers (

BeReel - aims to icreate the conditions for the full implementation of the strategic housing renovation plans of Flanders and Wallonia regions in Belgium.

CLEAR 2.0  will actively guide consumers in the energy market and enable them to be more aware, active players, save money and easily become "prosumers". (




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Directorate-General for Energy - European Commission
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Directorate-General for Energy - European Commission
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