Local energy communities and Covenant of Mayors cities

Local Energy Communities (LEC), facilitate and reward active participation of consumers in the energy market, help achieve RES targets and increase the energy system’s flexibility, and foster public acceptance of decentralised RES generation.

The session showcases concrete examples of successful LECs, developed by or under the auspices of signatory municipalities in the Covenant of Mayors. It also shows the position of the Covenant of Mayors as a key gateway to rolling out the LEC model, and provides input from local authorities and stakeholders involved in the set-up or management of LECs on how the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package could further enhance their upscaling.

The session is aimed at energy and climate stakeholders, finance stakeholders (banks, and investors) and decision-makers from the EU, national and local levels. It brings together representatives of cities involved in the set-up or management of LECs, facilitators of LECs and EU policymakers . It also offers the opportunity for city representatives and facilitators of LECs to demonstrate the benefits LECs can deliver, as they provide a key contribution to the EU climate and energy objectives.

The session includes a keynote speech followed by a panel discussion between a distribution system operator, two representatives of cities with LECs, and developers of LEC projects, and an exchange with the audience. The session is moderated by Henrique Burnay, Managing partner at Eupportunity A matchmaking cocktail follows, with discussions with experts on LECs.