Lucie Blondel

Working for Climate Alliance, a European network of local authorities, Lucie Blondel is a project manager with 10 years of working experience in the sustainable energy and climate fields. She is the Head of the Covenant of Mayors – Europe office, in charge of the daily management of the initiative (Service Contract with the European Commission). Over the last years, she has been in particular coordinating the helpdesk and capacity-building activities. She has also been involved in the guidelines development process (mitigation and adaptation) - working in close cooperation with the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, DG ENERGY, DG CLIMA and the European Environment Agency, and liaising with a pool of national and local energy experts.

In parallel, she has been working with the policy team of Climate Alliance. She has established a Working Group on adaptation, bringing together political leaders and climate experts from member cities across Europe to facilitate experience exchanges on adaptation challenges and possible solutions at the local level.

Since end-2018, she has also been member of the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Adaptation, supporting the European Environment Agency in its urban adaptation tasks (incl. thematic reports and dedicated events).

She holds a Master degree in Spatial and Environmental Planning (Engineering Diploma) and is specialised in EU policies & climate change.


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