ManagEnergy Talk: leading the energy transition - local action, large impacts

The Energy Transition requires engagement of all citizens and stakeholders if our ambitions for a clean energy future are to be achieved. Multi-level engagement is required and action at local and regional level is critical to this. The ManagEnergy Talk will explore innovative, ambitious and transformative actions led by local/regional actors. It seeks to inspire others to spear head the drive for investment and action on sustainable energy.

For this first edition of the ManagEnergy Talk, we are pleased to welcome Rob Hopkins as our keynote speaker. In this talk, Rob will offer learnings from the Transition movement, and how bottom-up change can make very real impacts.  Weaving together stories from Transition initiatives around the world, he will give a sense of what a movement founded on the words 'What If?' looks like.  He will explore why, in 2018, our collective imagination is in such a weakened state, and what a re-prioritising of the imagination in our schools, universities, media, activism and politics might look like.  Expect a thought-provoking session full of his ideas, and yours.  

ManagEnergy is a Service of the EU Commission supporting and stimulating local and regional energy agencies to facilitate and lead investment in sustainable energy. The ManagEnergy Talk is open to the public, with the goal to include representatives of all stakeholders, and provide them with information about the latest developments in energy efficiency financing and project development.

Please note that the event starts at 18.15.


Catalyst and Storyteller
Transition Network
Deputy Manager
OÖ Energiesparverband