Mariusz Czepczyński

Mariusz Czepczyński is a cultural geographer, Professor at the Department of Spatial Management, University of Gdańsk, and a freelanced Strategic Advisor, working for the City of Gdansk, Poland. For the last 25 years he has been involved in municipal consultancy and advisory, recently to the mayor of Gdańsk, Polish Metropolitan Union, municipalities of Lodz, Grudziądz, Kartuzy, Rumia, as well as Chemonics and PwC. His research has focused on cultural landscapes, post-socialist cities, heritages, urban transformations, and the results have been published in several papers and books, including Public Space. Between Reimagination and Occupation (eds. with S. Hristova, 2018) and Cultural Landscape of Post-socialist Cities. Representation of Powers and Needs (2008). Since 2017, Mariusz is coordinating, together with Greater London and Belgian City of Roeselare, the Energy Transition Partnership under the Urban Agenda for the EU project (2017-2019). He is also an expert for the European Forum for Urban Safety.


Wednesday 19 June09.00 - 10.30
Jean Rey