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Marketplace of Heating and Cooling Opportunities

Discover effective market tools, transferable practices and cutting-edge heating and cooling (H&C) solutions to decarbonise energy systems at the ‘Marketplace of H&C Opportunities’.

The Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) project studies the H&C sector of the EU Member States responsible for 90% of H&C demand. Aiming to help public and private authorities to plan their local/regional energy systems and to select the most cost-efficient, low-carbon options for their jurisdiction, visitors will be presented with the most comprehensive energy system analysis to date, as well as its most important tool, the Pan-European Thermal Atlas 4.2 – Peta4.

Visitors are invited to exploit HRE tools first-hand and to get an on-the-spot training in performing their own analysis. Initial results will provide the basis for exploring, alongside HRE experts, the most fitting solutions for each visitor within key decarbonisation marketplaces: district H&C, decentralised renewable solutions and H&C savings.

Seeking to enable decision-makers and the business sector alike, all EUSEW attendees can benefit by gaining lasting skills and discovering practical solutions for their own context, based on scientifically-sound models.

Attendees are also warmly invited to join the ‘Shaping an integrated market with hot findings and cool solutions’ session on 7 June.