New EU energy consumer rights under the Clean Energy proposals

The event will:

  • Explore the state of play of the 10 existing energy consumer rights and discuss the 6 new rights as proposed by the European Commission in the Clean Energy for All Europeans package;
  • Bring together decision makers, consumer associations, industry and national energy regulatory authorities in order to feed into the dialogue on the Commissions’ Clean Energy Proposal on existing and newly proposed energy consumer rights;
  • Reflect on whether the proposed new energy rights are enough and/or how they can be further improved to inform, empower and engage consumers in the clean energy transition; and
  • In particular, the EUSEW event will focus on the following new energy consumer rights: (i) the right to request a smart meter, (ii) the right to have the option of choosing a dynamic electricity supply price contract, (iii) the right to produce, store and consume or resell self-generated electricity to the grid, and (iv) the right to participate in a local energy community.