New horizons: Europe driving ocean energy development around the world

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Europe has been a pioneer in the development of ocean energy technologies. The vast majority of capacity is installed in Europe and most projects around the globe use European technology. However, the rest of the world is catching up. Canada, the US and China are developing their own markets and new domestic champions are starting to emerge. Now is the time to act to make the most of Europe’s first-mover advantage, both at home and abroad.

The webinar aims to concretely address this issue by providing useful examples and feedback to policy makers and other stakeholders. IRENA, a global authority on the development of renewable energy, will provide a high-level overview of the state of ocean energy worldwide to set the scene for those unfamiliar with the sector. As the voice of Europe’s ocean energy industry, Ocean Energy Europe will connect EU policy actions with the current successes and future priorities of the sector as it approaches industrialisation.

This will be complemented by specific case studies of current and future projects. These will demonstrate the importance of export markets to maintaining Europe’s technological leadership, for the benefit of the global ocean energy market. They will also give participants an insight into the benefits the sector can bring, both in terms of clean energy and economic growth.  

The webinar is aimed at EU decision-makers, national, regional and local government officials, and third-sector stakeholders who have an interest in the challenges and the opportunities presented by developing ocean energy at a global level.

Publication launch: ETIP Ocean - Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda

Patrick Child, Deputy Director-General, DG-RTD, European Commission will also officially launch its latest ETIP Ocean publication, the Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda (SRIA)during the webinar. 

ETIP Ocean is an advisory body to the European Commission, bringing together over 500 experts from the sector. The SRIA identifies the main research and innovation areas that should be funded in the coming years in Europe, to improve the technology and put more machines and pilot farms in the water. 


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