Bernadette Bergsma

Since 2010, Bernadette Bergsma works for the City of Eindhoven at the Brainport Eindhoven EU Office in Brussels, not only representing the City of Eindhoven, but also other key stakeholders in the Brainport Eindhoven region, such as knowledge institutes, businesses and designers. Bernadette focuses mostly, but not exclusively, on the following thematic areas: Mobility, Smart Cities, Energy, Nature-based Solutions and Digitalization. Within these areas, which are all part of a Smart City, she builds on European cooperation projects and links the main priorities of Eindhoven and the Brainport Region with those of Europe, with the main aim of strengthening Eindhoven’s position in Europe and deploying innovative solutions in Eindhoven in order to set some steps in the process of becoming a Smart City. Among Bernadette’s activities is representing Eindhoven in European Networks, such as, ERRIN, Eurocities and POLIS, writing and building EU project proposals, and lobbying activities. Bernadette also developed and managed the ‘Roadmap for Energy’ project.


Résidence Palace Wednesday 6 June14.00 - 15.30