Veronika Schröpfer

Veronika is the Project Officer of the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE). Current EU funded projects in which ACE is involved include BIMplement, RenoZEB, TripleA-reno, BIMzeED, BIM Speed, iCARO and BIM4EEB. Additionally Veronika is representing the ACE in the ECTP and ECCREDI.

Prior to joining ACE, Veronika worked in several architecture practices in Germany, Spain and the US, in the Corporate Real Estate Management of Bosch Security Systems in Munich and as a Property Consultant for Jones Lang LaSalle in Frankfurt.

Veronika holds a Diploma in Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Heidelberg (Germany), a Master’s Degree in Real Estate Economics and Facilities Management from the University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg (Germany), and a PhD from the Department of Real Estate and Construction Management at Oxford Brookes University, UK. She used social network analysis to investigate knowledge transfer of how to build sustainably between all project participants in office construction projects in the UK and Germany. Veronika was awarded a three-year scholarship by EPSRC and Oxford Brookes University for her research, and won the Emerald Literati Award 2018 for most outstanding paper in the ECAM Journal.