Philippe Dumas

Philippe Dumas,  first worked in a European engineering company as representative in Brussels for EU affairs (2000-2007). Firstly involved in geothermal energy with EGEC, starting as project manager for European projects. Since September 2008, he’s the EGEC Secretary general in Brussels managing the association.

The European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) is an international association, founded in May 1998 and based in Brussels, Belgium. EGEC unites more than 120 companies and organizations, representing more than 500 entities from 22 European countries, working in the geothermal field in Europe. The main goal of EGEC is to foster market development for geothermal energy and to work for improvement of business conditions in Europe.

 Author and co-author of several publications (Market reports, policy papers, research agendas); frequent contributor to conferences, workshops and seminars; active in a number (more than 20) of EU-funded research and market uptake projects, from 2000 until today, on climate and energy, with a focus on geothermal.


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