Fausto Batini

Fausto Batini graduated in Earth Science at the University of Florence in 1975. He started working with Enel S.p.A., now Enel Green Power, in 1976 as geothermal exploration geoscientist and acquired over 35 years of international experience in the geothermal energy sector holding different leading positions over the time: R&D of innovative technologies for exploration, well field testing and monitoring, environmental monitoring, exploration management, worldwide business development management.

He has large knowledge of geothermal market of the Americas where served as Technical Manager and Board Director of ENG s.a. (Chile) and Director of Geothermal Program of Enel North America. In 2011 he was appointed C.E.O. of Magma Enery Italia S.r.l., a subsidiary of Alterra Power Corp., a Canadian leader in renewable energies especially in the geothermal system with more than 200 MW of installed power. Magma has been awarded 2 research geothermal project in Tuscany, Italy named “Mensano” in Larderello area and another one named “Roccastrada” that are both at an advanced stage of exploration and is partner of GGP in Castelnuovo pilot project. Since 2016 he is the Chief Technical Officer of Magma Energy Italia s.r.l.


Berlaymont Wednesday 19 June14.00 - 15.30