Henry Begg

Henry joined TWI in 2013 having studied materials science at Cambridge University followed by a PhD at the University of Oxford on novel aluminium-based composite materials. He now manages the Surface Engineering team at TWI, which carries out industrially-led research into a range of topics relating to coatings and thermal/cold spray deposition. Projects span a variety of industry sectors and areas of current focus include cold spray, sacrificial coatings for corrosion control, coatings on polymer composites and testing of coatings in aggressive environments.


Over the past 5 years, the surface engineering section has placed a particular emphasis on research into coatings for the renewable energy sector; translating decades of experience from other sectors (e.g. oil and gas, aerospace, construction) to help solve the challenges facing green energy. This now includes significant efforts in geothermal engineering, with large collaborative programmes developing coatings tailored to the harsh conditions found in geothermal wells.