Simon Wyke

Simon Wyke has been working in the environmental field since 1997 and has considerable experience of working across a range of environmental issues and sectors, including energy. Simon coordinates, together with City of Gdansk and City of Roeselare, the Urban Agenda’s Energy Transition Partnership for the EU project (2017-2019).

Simon is currently a Principal Policy and Programme Officer working on Energy and Climate Change Mitigation from a policy, strategic and programme development perspective. His main areas of work are currently in the energy transition, district energy and energy planning. He continues to be involved in policy development in respect to energy efficiency, spatial planning and the low carbon circular efficient economy.

Previously, Simon worked for the London Development Agency working on climate change mitigation and energy programmes, including establishing the London Green Fund to support investment in environmental infrastructure. He has also worked on integrating sustainable development into EU economic development programmes in support of London’s transition to a low carbon economy, and for the Environment Agency on environmental protection and regeneration.


Wednesday 19 June09.00 - 10.30
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