Vincent Mc Cormack


Vincent is the originator behind the concept of how the turbine maximises power extraction. A proven, hands on project developer covering all aspects from concept to financial strategy to implementation.  He has over 30 years’ experience in project management, he is recognised as a successful entrepreneur generating growth and jobs in his local West Limerick area as well as providing work to specialists in the field of marine renewable energy. Since founding GKinetic in 2014, he has grown a network made up of advisers, universities, government and council members along with various experts who have been fundamental to the successful, lean approach that has enabled the technology to develop so rapidly. In addition, Vincent serves on the MaREI board and is a MaREI Industry Partner and also serves on the board of the National Standard Authority of Ireland for Marine Energy.

GKinetic Energy will highlight the huge opportunity to harness clean, hydrokinetic energy and instil confidence in this niche renewable segment. GKinetic will share their innovative approach for progressing tidal technology by demonstrating first-hand the impacts, identified blockers and proposed solutions to enable the industry as a whole to successfully tap into this market.

As a small company with limited resources, GKinetic have been very effective in securing funding allowing them to advance their innovative and patented tidal technology in a step by step approach while also building a strong collaborative network of industry and academia. The company is currently involved in €32.7M worth of projects and has secured over €500,000 in funding, all while maintaining full control.

This success has resulted in a validated business model that can be replicated in the marine renewable sector and other industries. GKinetic plan to lead by example showing that developers can make progress and get devices into the water by gradually scaling up, applying learnings to the next stage of development and minimising the blow that a failure might cause.



Thursday 20 June11.00 - 12.30
Résidence Palace