Lucia Catalani

Lucia Catalani is Head of Territorial Policies, Sustainability, Innovation and Cooperation Area for Sviluppo Marche srl (, the development agency of Regione Marche and regional contact person for the Covenant of Mayors, EMPOWERING & LIFE SEC ADAPT projects coordinator. She has multiyear experience in business administration, scientific and research projects coordination and management of complex, international projects.

She coordinated in the last decades several projects in the energy sector, ensuring the effective implementation of the activities, acting in concertation with the Regional administration to cooperate in pursuing strategic goals outlined in plans, programs and guidelines, , as an example: Bioforenergy “Development of Agro-Energetic Chain Models through Cross Border Cooperation and Knowledge”(NNAP INTERREG – CARDS/PHARE 2004/2006); SETCOM “Sustainable Energy in Tourism dominated Communities” (IEE 2007-2013); RADAR “Raising Awareness on renewable energy Developing AgroeneRgetic chain models” (IEE 2007-2013); CITYSEC “Regional Development Energy Agencies supporting municipality_SEC to jointly become active energy actors in Europe (IEE Programme 2007-2013); EFFECT “Upgrading of Energy Efficient Public Procurement for a Balanced Economic Growth of SEE area (South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme 2007- 2013); ALTERENERGY “Energy Sustainability for Adriatic Small Communities” (Cross Border Cooperation Programme IPA Adriatic – Strategic Project 2007-2013).


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