Pia Laurila

Since September 2018, Pia Laurila has held the position of Policy Officer at DG Regional and Urban Policy of the European Commission in the Unit ‘Inclusive Growth, Territorial and Urban Development'. Her responsibilities include, inter alia, contributing to urban knowledge-related activities of the Unit and facilitating implementation of the Urban Agenda for the EU, in particular, two of its Partnerships – Energy Transition and Climate Adaptation. As for the Cohesion Policy post 2020 period, she is part of the team working on the design of a proposed novel instrument ‘European Urban Initiative’. The initiative is sought at strengthening integrated and participatory approach to sustainable urban development and providing a stronger link to relevant EU policies, especially to Cohesion Policy investments.

Prior to her current position, Pia worked for 13 years at DG Research and Innovation. Among her main responsibilities was the provision of support to an EU Member States-led initiative - the research Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe. Pia also played an important role in the promotion of greater synergies between the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and the European Structural and Investment Funds - the policy ambition that is aimed at building stronger interactions between the two policy frameworks and their investment strategies and thus ensuring the higher impact.


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