Charlotte Spörndli

Charlotte Spörndli acts as General Manager of the Association European Energy Award. She is employed by Brandes Energie AG, Zürich, which is mandated by the Association eea to manage the international eea Office. This entails activities like support and coordination of the further development of the eea methodology and tools, quality assurance and harmonisation of the national eea programmes or dissemination of the eea to other European countries. As representative of the Association eea, Charlotte currently is a team member of the two Horizon2020 projects IMPLEMENT and CoME EASY.

Charlotte holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences from ETH Zurich, and has been working on the interface between people and environment ever since. She has been supporting Swiss and other European cities and municipalities in defining and implementing their climate and energy policies, mainly through the methodology of the European Energy Award, since 2006. Charlotte also coaches other Swiss public actors on energy policies and strategies.


Résidence Palace Wednesday 19 June11.00 - 12.30