Melinda Loonstra-Buzogány

Melinda works for the city of Emmen sinds 2007 as policy advisor. Her job is to implement integrated environmental thinking in the spacial en economic planning, with a focus on sustainability. In the last few years the focus shifted toward the energy transition where also an integrated approach is needed: economy, climate, social and educational aspect have to be simultaneously addressed.

Her focus is developing new strategies and concepts to condition  the energy transition and to achieve the targets of municipal climate policy and the goals of the Paris agreement.  In this regard she facilitate workgroup interactions, develop project scopes in order to  generate and implement new knowledge to foster energy transition. In this regard she is co-creator of innovative and new concepts being developed within two European projects: SEREH (Smart Energy Region Emmen-Haren)  and COBEN (community benefits of civic energy). She is also involved in processes of national and European policy developments.