Event type Conference

Sustainable and Flexible Energy Use

• How to integrate renewable energy into existing systems?
• How to reduce energy consumption?

These and many other questions will be answered in the seminar "Sustainable and Flexible Energy Use". The seminar is organized by Institute of Energy Systems and Environment, Riga Technical University, Latvia. Lecturers have extensive experience in energy end-users (industry, municipalities, residential sector, etc.), as well as in integrating renewable energy into the Latvian energy sector. We are convinced that it is possible to reduce energy consumption by 5-15% without investment by introducing energy management. We also represent opinion that it is possible to ensure energy demand of Latvia with local renewable energy resources. We continue to educate end users to achieve Latvia's climate goals.

The seminar will bring together stakeholders from the public, private and research sector to reach common goals for sustainable energy use. 


Alise Ozarska