Sébastien Bougon

Sébastien, 52, is a civil engineer + a master in management. He spent 8 years in construction industry: he started as design engineer for large bridges, which lead him to Site/Engineering Coordinator, and then Project Finance Manager for large PPI construction programs.

He moved to media business (TF1 Group), during 8 years, first as Corporate Finance

Manager, then CEO of several subsidiaries, and last years as Deputy MD/Special Advisor to

TF1 Chairman & CEO. He has been for 4 years Managing Director of SERENDIPITY INVESTMENT, the private equity fund dedicated to the common investments of BOUYGUES Group & ARTEMIS (M. PINAULT Group). Sébastien then achieved a buyout, a successful restructuration, and sold the company in 2012. Finally, Sébastien founded FLYING WHALES in 2012.