Cristina Boaretto

Cristina is currently Head of Public Administration sector, former Head of the Energy Team in Sinloc S.p.A. Her professional experience is focused in the activation and deployment of financial instruments, technical assistance to Public Administration, economic and financial structuring of Public Private Partnership projects. 

As an advisor, she coordinated and worked on several projects at national and international level, thus including Horizon 2020 projects (Nesoi – European Islands Facility, PadovaFIT Expanded, EEnvest, Super-Heero) and EIB-ELENA funded initiatives (Milan Covenant of Mayors, Project 3L- Padova and Rovigo, Chieti Towards 2020, Amica-E Venice, Faber Bergamo).

She contributed to the activation and monitoring of many Sinloc’s projects for a total investment of over EUR140m.