Paving the way for an Ambitious Uptake of E-Mobility in the EU

Transport represents 30% of EU final energy consumption and is responsible for a quarter of Europe’s GHG emissions. It is also the main source of air pollution in our cities. Electrifying transport is key to the energy transition in Europe. The development of electric vehicles and the deployment of charging points across Europe will have a significant impact on energy production, infrastructure and on the EU’s capacity to achieve its energy and climate objectives. Encouraging clean and sustainable mobility, together with the move towards full decarbonisation of the power sector can support the EU’s Energy Policy in Renewables, Climate Action goals, Energy Efficiency and the transformation of energy consumers’ behaviour. 

This event will look at the economic feasibility and requirements for this transition to happen in transport, and is an ideal complement to the current discussions on the two main Commission packages of measures: the Clean Energy Package and the Clean Mobility Package. The event will also focus on how smart buildings, diverse types of recharging infrastructure and electric mobility will foster a low carbon economy and benefit from the digitisation of the electric and building sectors. 

Panellists will bring diverse perspectives (environmental, mobility, power production, national strategy and infrastructure aspects) to the clean energy transition debate. Participants will learn about the economic implications of e-mobility on the EU’s transition to a low carbon economy. Based on recent studies, panellists will discuss the impact of e-mobility on the increasing demand for clean energy supply. They will provide a forward-looking response to the challenges of transforming the EU’s energy and transport policies and provide practical experience and best practice advice on the integration of clean energy into electric mobility. It will also consider how ICT is acting as an enabler for this city transition for both mobility and energy.


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Renault/Nissan Brussels Office
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