PEGASUS Renewable Energy Med Community - microgrids as a solution for local energy communities management

PEGASUS Renewable Energy Med Community - Microgrids as a Solution for Local Energy Communities Management

The dissemination of microgrid business models will require increased multidisciplinary exchanges and cooperation between different stakeholders ranging from utilities, energy sector experts, energy cooperatives, SMEs, start-ups, research institutes and public authorities from different governance levels. This stand at the EUSEW energy fair will be the ideal opportunity to engage these target groups in a fruitful discussion and exchange of knowledge.

The innovative approach of PEGASUS (Promoting Effective Generation and Sustainable USes of electricity) is focused on experimenting a simulation of functioning of microgrids in 7 pilot areas in France, Slovenia, Cyprus, Italy, Malta, Croatia and Greece. At this stand, FEDARENE will showcase the approach and main results of this process. Participants are expected to leave the stand with a clearer understanding of how microgrids operate in practice, the benefits they may bring to a local energy community as well as the commercial viability of this new technology. The operation of Microgrids offers distinct advantages to customers and utilities, i.e. improved energy efficiency, minimisation of overall energy consumption, reduced environmental impact, improvement of reliability and resilience, network operational benefits and more cost-efficient electricity infrastructure replacement.