PLANHEAT and SDHp2m: Plan today, save tomorrow - The change begins locally - Planheat project

This stand will feature 2 H2020 EU-funded projects: PLANHEAT and SDHp2m. PLANHEAT supports cities and regions in decarbonising their heating and cooling systems. PLANHEAT develops a simulation tool so that a city can map, plan and identify low-carbon, economically viable scenarios. SDHp2m addresses market uptake challenges for a wider use of district heating and cooling systems (DHC) with high shares of RES and develops RES DHC policy, better access to plant financing and business models. The concept that the combination of both projects wants to bring to you is that sustainable cities are a tangible reality nowadays with the support of tools like PLANHEAT and with the right policy framework and technologies in place such as SDHp2m.

Visit us and get a glimpse of how the PLANHEAT tool will work! We will show you the first module of the PLANHEAT tool live on screen. Discover the PLANHEAT e-learning platform! We will show you the easy-to-use e-learning platform and explain its functionalities and content. Learn about SDHp2m latest results! We will prepare infographics for you with key concepts on SDH. Sure, you are green… but how green is your knowledge? We will create a hand out document for you to test your knowledge on sustainability with a focus on thermal energy.