Platform for Coal Regions in Transition

The Platform for Coal Regions in Transition assists EU coal in devising transition strategies and elaborating a pipeline of transition projects. During the EU Sustainable Energy Week the Platform will showcase its offering and approach to assist coal regions in their transition, and invite stakeholders to be part of the conversation.

Stand visitors will be introduced to the Platform, receive information on its needs-oriented support, networks, events, and toolkits in development. Interested participants will be invited to get in touch with the Platform’s experts and stakeholders for future cooperation.

The Platform's Energy Fair stand will feature:

  • The Platform’s role and activities
  • Information on EU Regions involved in the project and their path towards decarbonisation
  • Resources (guidelines, toolkits, etc.) developed by our team of experts
  • Connect interested participants with our experts for follow-up contacts
  • Direct participants to our communication channels to be up to date on the Platform’s activities
  • Direct participants to resources, contacts and information on the Platform