Policies and models for the energy transition: from barriers to breakthroughs

This session takes as a starting point a replication analysis performed by SCIS (Smart Cities Information System), “Recommendations on EU R&I and regulatory policies: Why may replication (not) be happening?”.  It expands on a specific theme from the policy paper and illustrates how legal, regulatory and related technical bottlenecks can be overcome in practice. The workshop then opens up for a discussion on the replicability of these solutions in other contexts: other people, other cities, other countries.  Common barriers that need a policy address are identified.

Four cases will be presented. SCIS partners will provide an introduction and the facilitation of the workshop.  This set up enhances peer-to-peer exchange between actors that solve problems on the ground but can at the same time provide an important policy feedback.

This session targets all urban stakeholders that face policy and regulation related challenges in rolling out smart city projects,  including barriers for updating the local energy distribution networks.  Specific target groups for participation however are policy makers from different levels (EU, national, regional, and local) and Distribution System Operators (companies owning and/or operating the distribution grid).


Responsible for Energy. Strategy and Business Development Department
Programme Manager for the SET Plan Action 3.2/Programme on Positive Energy Districts and Neighbourhoods for Sustainable Urban Development for JPI Urban Europe
Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Researcher Sustainable Urban Development
EnergyVille – VITO NV
Scientific Officer
Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Directorate of Energy, Transport and Climate
Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience Coordinator
ICLEI Europe
Project Manager and Adjunct Associate Professor, NTNU