Promotion of higher penetration of distributed PV through storage for all


StoRES foresees the development of an optimal policy for the effective integration of PV and ESS via testing smart solutions in six (6) MED islands and rural areas through the actual operation of 35 pilot installations. Through StoRES, public authorities and key stakeholders are mobilized leading to their engagement in the development, implementation and monitoring of sustainable energy policies and plans in their jurisdictions with a truly long-term vision in mind. The project presents therefore a unique opportunity to pioneer in testing such technologies in real time with authorities ready to contribute, increasing the socio-economic competitiveness of the regions involved. Most importantly, StoRES contribution will have an international impact as new knowledge for optimum PV-ESS interoperability and rollout of integrated PV-storage solution is transferred to a broader geographical context where grid parity has not reached yet. 

The primary motivation to obtain a stand at the Energy Fair is to promote photovoltaic (PV) penetration in the energy mix of islands and rural areas in Europe, under an optimal market policy with the integration of the energy storage system (ESS) technology. This can be achieved by using effectively the outputs and actual results of the project StoRES “Promotion of higher penetration of distributed PV through storage for all” funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) through the Interreg Med Programme. StoRES, a three-year project ending in October 2019, is implemented by nine (9) public-private organisations from seven different (7) Mediterranean (MED) regions (Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Portugal) and aims to boost PV self-consumption in the MED through an optimal storage solution. The project has a clear demonstration character that can be featured during the Energy Fair; an approach based on testing PV storage solutions for the consumer in different pilot sites across the MED area, taking into account local parameters for optimization and using efficiency measures. 

Currently, StoRES utilises extensively social media networking (Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter) through which its news, outputs and results become publicly available, as well as scientific journals and publications/ appearances in conferences and articles in ResearchGate, where scientific knowledge around this topic, is shared with the academic and research community. The same means will be effectively used in order to promote our presence at the EUSEW in order to attract the interest of the participants and increase the number of visitors and stakeholders interested in our stand. In addition during the Energy Fair, we will actively share updates and news about our participation (e.g. using the hashtag #EUSEW19) not only to our network of immediate partners and associated partners (e.g. Ministries, Utilities, Distribution System Operators etc.) but also interested stakeholders (e.g. Associations of Municipalities) and the entire Interreg MED Community and more specifically the Interreg MED Renewable Energy Community.