Raul Martín Yunta


Raul Martín Yunta is the cofounder and CFO of Vortex Bladeless. He studied industrial engineering specialized in mechanics and was working in the building sector until he started his entrepreneur venture alongside David Yañez, first on Deutecno S.L. building electronic chemical sensors (electronic noses) and later with Vortex developing this new kind of wind turbine. In Vortex he is in charge of the management and finance, being the responsible of the EU's H2020 programme and the overall coordination of the company's activities.

Vortex Bladeless is a new concept in wind energy; a wind turbine which is not based in blades nor rotation but oscillation. This innovative technology provides exciting features being cheaper, quieter, lighter and less harmful to the environment and fauna than regular wind power. The company is now under an H2020 programme and in pre-commercialization stage; in this pitch we will approach to the development process and the investigation we have done and how the device works, the partners and collaborations we had, as well as define this new technology and its possibilities in the current renewables market.


Thursday 20 June11.00 - 12.30
Résidence Palace