Ready, set, market - How to make Smart City Projects bankable in times of COVID-19

The objective of the panel discussion is to provide insights in replication and upscaling of Smart City solutions through external investment having in mind that in just a few weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a historical economic setback of which we still do not know the full impact.

The purpose of the panel discussion is to present financial and business models that are currently being implemented to (i) finance the implementation of Smart City and infrastructure projects, (ii) retrofit the existing building stock in Europe, (iii) finance renewable energy infrastructure and (iv) facilitate combined public-private sustainable investments.

The panel discussion should achieve three goals: Firstly, to clarify financing & business models, secondly, to collect critical feedback from participants on the feasibility and replicability of these models and thirdly, to discuss how investors are addressing the impact of COVID-19 pandemic in the current pipeline of projects. The results of the discussion will be published on the EIP-SCC website in order to achieve a maximum exposure and to create opportunities for the further development of financing models for Smart City solutions and support the economy recover post COVID-19 pandemic.


The invited speakers are European leading investors and financial advisors that have experience in financing Smart Cities.

10:00 -10:10        Welcome & Introduction

  • Georg Houben, Policy Officer, DG Energy - European Commission

10:10-11:10        Presentation from leading investors

  • Jorge Rodrigues de Almeida (Moderator), EIP-SCC Marketplace
  • Juan Alario, Financial Advisor, Former EIB
  • Carlos Sanchez, Senior Associate, Whitehelm Capital
  • Fernando de Roda, Managing Partner, Greenward Partners

11:10 -11:30        Q&A

11:30                    End of panel discussion


Policy Officer
DG Energy - European Commission
Climate and Energy Professional
RdA Climate Solutions
Financial Advisor
Former EIB Associate Director
Senior Associate
Whitehelm Capital
Founder & Managing Partner
Greenward Partners