Renewable Energy in Transport

Demand reduction, modal shift, and energy efficiency (collectively called mobility transition or transport transition), represent the bulk of reduction in energy demand and thus carbon emissions in the transport sector. The focus to-date has been on AVOID-SHIFT-IMPROVE (with a focus on energy efficiency in the area of IMPROVE) because of the numerous co-benefits, i.e. improving air quality (and thereby health), reducing congestion etc. Improving the energy mix, however, is needed to cover the remaining energy demand not met by AVOID-SHIFT-IMPROVE actions. Meeting this need with renewables allows for a full decarbonisation of the sector, transforming it into one that is net-zero-emission thus achieving an energy transition in transport.

Decarbonisation is high on the transport agenda. Decarbonization addresses a global concern and when looking at the transportation sector, it is fundamental to consider the entire process of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) generation, from production until final use. When considering the whole life-cycle, there are additional reductions in GHG emissions, which can even result in negative GHG emissions.

The challenge touches upon all sources ranging from electricity and other sources or storage forms of transport fuels such as hydrogen, biofuels, biogas. However, is electric mobility clean, per-se? All depends on the energy mix which delivers the additional electricity needed for e-mobility. E-mobility can only be 100% clean and sustainable if the energy used to power the vehicle is sourced from renewable energy sources. This event will advance the discussion to prepare the world and the EU, in particular, for a clean transport future.

The purpose of this event is to debate and discuss the links between transport, energy efficiency, and renewables from the perspective of fuel optimisation. 


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