Revolutionising solar energy: The energy of the future needs the engineering of the future!

We are RatedPower, a startup which is revolutionizing the design and engineering of solar plants, transforming a process from 4 weeks to 4 minutes, improving efficiency and effectiveness and reducing time and cost. Our aim? To accelerate the energy transition & make solar energy the first world source of energy as soon as possible!

Our stand will demonstrate how essential is to merge technology and engineering in the Energy transition process.

We will stimulate discussion and debate by comparing traditional engineering processes with technological-automated-engineering processes. To put this into context: the traditional design of one solar plant takes weeks in deciding the project layout, in calculations and generating drawings and reports. Approximately 40-50 feasibility analysis are conducted for a single project to reach execution. In addition, each analysis requires the coordination of a bunch of multidisciplinary skilled specialists (civil, electrical, financial) working manually for many days. So, our founding team decided to streamline this effort and resource consuming process by designing a software that merges technology and engineering, to ascertain the smartest way to maximize the value of any large solar plant.

In our stand we will, therefore, show how engineering merged with technology enables to generate and explore billions of designs iterations, sort out the best one and provide detailed feasibility study documentation in minutes, reducing 4 weeks of work into 4 minutes! We will use videos and demos, and stimulate dynamic talks so the assistants will be able to experience how a solar plant utility scale can be designed and optimized in just a few minutes!

So come and visit us! We aim to revolutionize solar energy! And we want to show to what extent the energy of the future needs the engineering of the future! By facilitating the feasibility analysis and design of new solar power plants to developers and contractor companies, processes like ours that merge technology and engineering will definitively accelerate the energy transition, and contribute to the proliferation of solar energy in Europe!