Roberto Garay

Dr Roberto Garay is Lead Researcher in Building Integrated Solar Thermal Systems and Heat Transfer in Building Envelopes. He has been involved in research and engineering in relation to Energy in Buildings for 10 years. Expert in experimental procedures for building physics and solar systems, and staff member of the KUBIK test facility since 2011. He has developed singular experimental procedures for a variety of systems, and has consulted in the definition of industry-led experimental facilities in several countries. He has been anthor to many conference and journal papers, and has co-organized several international conferences in these topics.

Since 2017, he is Project Coordinator of h2020 project RELaTED, a de-carbonised heat concept by means of low-T distribution, re-use of waste heat and incorporation of solar thermal systems at district and building scale.


Thursday 20 June11.00 - 12.30