A robust solar and wind industrial base, underpinning the European Green Deal

EUSEW2020 | Day 3 | A robust solar and wind industrial base, underpinning the European Green Deal

In December 2019 the European Commission put forward a proposal for a European Green Deal for the EU and its citizens. The Green Deal aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, while ensuring a socially and economically just transition.

Today 75 per cent of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions come from energy: the decarbonisation of the EU economy will therefore rely on a large-scale deployment of cost-efficient and innovative renewable energy capacities. This will require Europe to think about its supply strategy for clean energy technologies. But it is also a unique opportunity to strengthen European leadership in the next generation of renewable energy technologies. With this perspective, the industrial strategy published by the Commission on March 10th acknowledges the need for “a more strategic approach to renewables”.

This session will therefore focus on the opportunity of the European Green Deal for the renewable energy sector – and in particular for its manufacturing segment – in the context of the future EU industrial strategy and the economic stimulus packages. How will renewable energy contribute to decarbonisation and to a just transition? Where is European technological leadership today? What is the ­renewable industrial potential of the EU? And what should the European Union be doing to support the renewable energy industry?

The session will start by setting the scene of the debate, by exploring the role of renewables in a future climate-neutral economy, and by examining why it matters to maintain a manufacturing base for renewable energies in Europe. Following the input presentation, European policy-makers and industry representatives will exchange on the experiences of the wind and solar industries, and the challenges facing the manufacturing of renewable energy technology in Europe. They will then discuss possible industrial policy solutions to support a vibrant renewable energies manufacturing sector.


CEO ad interim
SolarPower Europe
Senior Adviser
DG GROW - European Commission
Ministry of Energy, Republic of Lithuania
Lead Policy Advisor
Meyer Burger