Sailing towards Paris: can shipping be zero-emission?

Session Summary: Sailing towards Paris: Can shipping be zero-emission?

In the context of EUSEW Bellona Europa along with assigned co-organisers GasNaturally will be hosting a discussion about how to decarbonise the shipping sector.

The conference will look at current developments on lowering emissions in the short sea as well as the deep sea shipping sectors. According to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), maritime transport is responsible for about 2.5% of global GHG emissions, and emissions from shipping could grow from between 50% to 250% by 2050. We see this event as a timely intervention where different key players in the shipping sector can present their work and current developments which pave the way for zero emission shipping. In light of this, our conference will gather policy makers, industry representatives and NGOs. Both short and deep sea- panels offer the possibility to form a common dialogue where policies and solutions will be discussed, as well as barriers and lessons learnt, for going towards a decarbonised shipping sector.

Our event at the EUSEW 2019 offers the unique opportunity to kick-start this important discussion at the EU level.

Given the European Commission’s strategic long-term vision for a climate-neutral economy by 2050a discussion on the potential of alternative technologies, based on current examples of their deployment, could help shed light on which solutions are available to the EU in order to lead the way in mitigation in this sector.


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