Scaling up energy efficiency investments: lessons learned through different sustainable financing instruments

This session is focused on how to scale-up financing for energy efficiency. It is sponsored by the World Bank and includes two co-sponsors: the European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef) and Global New Energy Finance (GNE Finance). The session will present a number of financial instruments to support energy efficiency investments in the public and private sectors, in both the EU and beyond, case studies and lessons learned.

  • The World Bank will present its experience with energy efficiency financing, focusing on supporting public building renovations in Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. While the World Bank uses a range of financial instruments, including credit lines, guarantees, etc. this session will focus on the establishment of energy efficiency revolving funds to support investments in municipalities that are unable to access financing on their own. In Kosovo, for example, the World Bank and EU-IPA funds are being used to capitalize a new revolving fund for financing energy efficiency in public buildings using an innovative ‘energy service agreement’ mechanism, whereby municipalities repay the investment cost from the energy cost savings.
  • eeef will present the role of financial instruments and eeef as a pioneer in energy efficiency finance. The session will include an overview of the sustainable efficiency market, updates on related regulations and technologies, and support being provided to help local, regional and central governments to implement energy efficiency improvements. Lessons learned will be shared regarding good practices for commercial energy efficiency financing, with a goal to attract additional capital into the climate financing business.
  • GNE Finance will present their demand-driven approach to scaling-up residential and commercial building renovation programs across Europe by focusing on the EuroPACE mechanism, which ties the energy efficiency loans to the properly rather than the owner. EuroPACE is uniquely positioned to boost energy efficiency investment in existing buildings, ranging from homes to offices, hotels, multi-family and mixed-use properties. GNE Finance will share its perspective about the innovative financing tool, its application and potential across Europe and the importance of demand-driven (people-centric) approaches.
  • This session will be moderated by Mr. Sameer Shukla, Practice Manager, Energy & Extractives Global Practice from the World Bank and include 3 20-minute presentations from each of the sponsor organizations. The session will be followed by Q&A.


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The World Bank
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The World Bank
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European Energy Efficiency Fund
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GNE Finance
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