Scaling up Energy Efficiency Investments: lessons learned through different sustainable financing instruments

The World Bank is to present energy efficiency financing experience in public buildings in Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, Servia, Turkey, etc. The purpose is to share the World Bank’s approach to energy efficiency with European Commission staff, EU practitioners and partners and, in the discussion part of the session, seek feedback and new ideas. In Kosovo, for example, the World Bank and EU-IPA funds are being used to capitalize a new revolving fund for financing energy efficiency in public buildings using an innovative energy service agreement mechanism.

The eeef will present with other stakeholders the role of financial instruments and eeef as pioneer in energy efficiency finance and to share sustainable efficiency market overview, expertise and knowledge of the regulations and latest technologies, helping local, regional and central governments to implement energy efficiency improvements. It will be shared that the lessons learned when dealing with financial instruments to finance commercially sound energy efficiency projects, with the final aim to attract and accelerate the disposal of additional capital into climate financing.

The GNE Finance will present a demand-driven approach to scaling home and commercial building renovation programs across Europe by focusing on EuroPACE mechanism.  EuroPACE is uniquely positioned to boost energy efficiency investment in existing buildings, ranging from homes to offices, hotels, multi-family and mixed-use properties. GNE Finance will generate a lively discussion about an innovative financing tool, its application to Europe and the importance of a demand-driven (people-centric) approach.

This session will be led by one moderator and consist of three parts from different organizations with 20 minutes presentations each and 5-10 minutes for discussion and Q&A at the end.


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