Shaping an integrated market with hot findings and cool solutions

Discover effective market tools, transferable practices and cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions driving the decarbonisation of Europe's energy systems.

Energy transition and heating and cooling (H&C) systems are at the centre of energy policy-making on European, national and local government levels to reduce emission levels and complete the Energy Union. Yet, challenges remain in deciding upon and implementing cost-effective and locally-suitable actions for transforming the energy sector in the short- and long-term. The session will focus on supplying public and private decision-makers on all levels, as well as relevant stakeholders, with effective market tools and transferable practices that are enabling integrated strategies, policies and economic opportunities for a resilient Energy Union.

The latest findings of the Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE) flagship research initiative, which provide holistic analyses of energy systems in the EU Member States, will frame the overall session. Expert panelists on the key areas of H&C savings and the thermal modernisation of buildings, traditional and innovative district H&C systems, and decentralised H&C through renewable technologies will kick-start discussions by offering varying perspectives and engaging participants in differing, but complementary, approaches to contribute to the fast decarbonisation of an integrated energy system, especially though the lens of H&C.

Attendants can expect interactive and challenging discussions with panelists from practical and business backgrounds in reaction to a keynote from Aalborg University. Discussions will furthermore highlight improving local to national planning through optimised thermal mapping/modeling, business models and finance schemes, strategic interventions to introduce, upgrade, refurbish, expand and innovate district H&C network solutions, as well as current and new technologies to transform less-urbanised areas through decentralised solutions.

The session will inspire all those ready to rethink Europe’s H&C through holistic and next-generation solutions and who are looking for technically- and economically-feasible pathways to decarbonise H&C.


Head of Unit
DG ENERGY, European Commission
Brian Vad Mathiesen
Professor for Energy Planning; Coordinator of the Heat Roadmap Europe project
Aalborg University
Thomas Nowak
Secretary General of the European Heat Pump Association
European Heat Pump Association
Maciej Mijakowski
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Building Services, Hydro and Environmental Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology
Warsaw University of Technology
Philipp Geyer
Professor for Architecture and Coordinator of the H-DisNet Project
KU Leuven
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability
Christian Schnell
Vice President
Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers of the Energy Sector ZPPSE