Sharing smart solutions and experiences — scale-up and replication in European cities

Across Europe, cities work together to develop and demonstrate innovative solutions that help accelerate transition towards a low-carbon, resource efficient, competitive and inclusive economy in urban areas. We at the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) are in charge of collecting and analysing data from these solutions, so we are asking cities to share their stories and experiences.

We will bring together innovative thinkers and decision makers to foster learning and exchange and provoke meaningful discussions that will lead to actions driving the smart and sustainable vision of Europe forward. Demonstrating how innovation building, technological transfer and knowledge sharing help building up a smart city, the discussion will seek to encourage replication of innovative solutions, best practices and lessons learnt among cities and businesses.

The EU initiatives Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) and Covenant of Mayors, the City of Prague, the Horizon 2020 Lighthouse Projects network and the EU smart cities projects SMARTER TOGETHER and City-zen will present an interesting mix of perspectives sharing real case studies, inspiring practices, recommendations and creative solutions to challenges.

The session is organized by the Smart Cities Information System, an initiative of the European Commission, in the context of the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union, which aims to bring together cities, industry and citizens to demonstrate solutions and business models that can be scaled up and replicated, and that lead to measurable benefits in energy and resource efficiency, new markets and new jobs.