SMART-UP: Smart metering and vulnerable consumers – SMART-UP consortium

Smart meters are the next generation of energy meters, able to provide information on energy usage directly to suppliers, leading to the end of estimated billing as well as enabling consumers to have a greater understanding and control of their energy use. However, previous studies have shown that vulnerable consumers are unlikely to achieve the same benefits as other consumers without additional support.

To address this, partners in France, Italy, Malta, Spain and the UK have been working to increase knowledge of, and engagement with, smart meters among 5,000 vulnerable smart meter consumers. Front line workers have been trained to enable them to support clients to understand how to use their smart meter, become more energy efficient, and change their energy-use behaviours. An accompanying research study has also monitored the impact of the advice.

Visit our stand to learn more about the impacts and results of the project, as well as insights into some of the challenges and solutions of engaging and assisting vulnerable energy consumers.